DJ CON-T Spacesynth, Italodance DJ CON-T Spacesynth, Italodance Producer of synthesizer music, like Spacesynth and Italo Disco Music and italodance music


DJ CON-T is a spacesynth project by Tomasz Oleszko.

Tomasz Born in July 1975 and living in Bytom, Poland.

He has been interested in music since he was a child. In 1994 he began to work as a DJ professionally in local discos and music clubs.

DJ CON-T debuted song in 2014 with a track " Bizarre Love Triangle " from the repertoire of the New Order group. 

Inspiration for creating  music were such artists as Laser Dance, Koto, Rygar, Proxyon ... and decided to create music in the same style.

DJ CON-T is a mixture of Italo Disco and Synthesizer Dance Music, from 2018 he creates music for the Italo Box Music label.
He has done Remix for Sky Van Dreamer to the song "Race In Stars" and he released the singles songs "Space Warriors"  and "Time Zone", very successful.

Currently he cooperates with such  artists  Italo Disco / Spacesynth music as:

  • Sky Van Dreamer (Zbigniew Solarz),
  • Future Synth (Tomasz Bokisz),
  • Phobotrax  (Igor Wasilewski),
  • Synth Elements (Slava Ruvinsky),
  • Laserdance Remix Team (Erik Van Vliet , Rene Mensing),
  • Holomatrix (Ingo Sobolewski),
  • Italo4ever (Nicolas Bertin),
  • Neo Romantic (Alexander Panov),
  • Atomic Space Orchestra (Petri Ikonen),
  • Black Hole (Ruslan Bektimirov),
  • Cyberman (Daniel Borowiec),
  • The Real Parakeet (Mats Forsell),
  • Synthesis (Robert LudwiƄski),
  • Vanello (Razvan Dumitru Voicu),
  • Mind Vision (Jeff Pilar),
  • Paralyze (Johan Koskela),
  • Laserdance, Koto, Rygar (Michiel Van Der Kuy),
  • Cyber People (Giorgio Spagna),
  • and others.